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Sequel to Story of the Stunned Pigs: Boxing Day

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Because i’m in the front line of this war, i had to do more than drink chilled lemongrass vervain.

The stunned pigs called for a showdown meeting. So here’s what it’s come to:

that’s me in my Flintstones outfit. think pigs you can only hope to club them to death. my colleagues are dressed like the boxing champ, to box the living daylights out of the pigs. OOh, how i smell sweet victory in the vicinity.

Something like how you’d smell OSMANTHUS PU’ER tea.

With the right amount of Osmanthus in the Pu’er blend, it gives a new edge to drinking Pu’er (not that you need any). Tea Pal has a good one.



the story of the stunned pigs

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there’s this bunch of pigs i’ve been working with for the past few months.

we are working on an intense project with very tight timelines, so it’s vital for everyone to be on top of things and work with a brisk pace. These pigs, as you can see above, are empty vessels, airheads and are so light that their neighbours find them a joke to be around. it’s easy to spot them from afar, they sport this “stunned” look all the time and always act so innocent.

They are clueless to what goes on around them and provide an inconvenient obstacle to all who need to share a path with them. When they make mistakes, they point to others so they appear flawless, innocent and this way, they can be sure they knock off on time every day.

All they need is to hide low enough under the radar so they don’t need to do any real work, and days pass easily. To make themselves look busy enough, they devise schemes to politick in the workplace and form lies that will explode in their face one day.

All i want to do is to get them off my back because sharing the path with them impedes my work and makes me look just as stupid.

so what do you do when you meet these stunned pigs? if you can’t play their game, i suggest getting ready a big mug of tea to watch them in their folly. i am thinking ICE COLD LEMONGRASS VERVAIN. The one i have is precious stock from an israeli brand.

Here’s what you need:

3g of lemongrass & vervain (also known as verbena)

bag it (Daiso stocks empty bags for loose tea)

steep in uncooked water overnight

fridge it


it’s good as a hot beverage as well.

Reclaim your own sanity

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who could go wrong with a hotel that has a “tea corner” like this? beautiful bone china teaware, quirky tea box. Insert: your own tea.

i succumb to using tea bags (not that there’s anything wrong) once in a while. Especially when i’m travelling, it’s so convenient to bring more than one type of tea.

This trip, i brought Gryphon’s Pearl of the Orient and Nam Wan’s Mango Oolong. Pearl of the Orient – i’m visiting a city whose landmark is called Oriental Pearl Tower haha!

Pearl of the Orient

Jasmine dragon pearl tea scented with rose oil, a light bodied tea for a dull, grey winter afternoon. The rose scent spiked the experience up a notch for me, it makes me feel like i’m “smelling the roses” as i’m rushing a report or business proposal.

Mango Oolong

this is my idea of breakfast tea. it went perfectly with my French toast, pear marmalade and pancetta breakfast this morning. The mango-infused oolong provides a great pick-me-up, washes out a greasy breakfast, and the mango? just close your eyes and imagine you’re eating the fruit. way to go for a “well-balanced” meal!

see? this is how i reclaim my sanity, even on a work trip. Smell, close your eyes and imagine. Then what? DRINK!